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A permanent photography exhibition

We encourage guests to feel at home and visit the various corridors of the hotel. Many interesting and astonishing sights await them…There is also a link between words and images in the hotel corridors: the carpet is woven with the word of a story selected by us.

Tourism by Jason Whittaker

When you enter the breakfast room, don’t think your eyes are playing tricks on you. Your vision is fine: the photos just show how Jason Whittaker sees the monuments of Paris… with his glasses off! Will you recognise them all?


1st floor: A homage to the Sorbonne

We’ve chosen a unique selection of photos and engravings that feature the Sorbonne, especially the role of women at the university, and the building’s origins.

2nd floor: Homage to explorers

Images that predate photography, and reportage/documentary photography. There are also more rare engravings, plus some images of modern-day explorers and a few mythical names from history, such as Ulysses.

3rd floor: Bruno Nuttens

Photographer Bruno Nuttens participated in the HPRG photo project in 2006. Here, he displays work inspired by “Océan” by Victor Hugo, which was published after his death.

4th floor: Proust and the Remembrance of Things Past

Fifteen of the photographers who have previously participated in the PHPA photo project have gone through the photos in their collections and chosen one as homage to Proust and his research. Photographers include Yuri Toroptsov and Jean Stéphane Cantero, who have both won the SFR young talents prize in the past.

5th floor: Family photographs

This is the top floor of the hotel, and the walls are filled with family photos: parent, children, grandparent, happy scenes of family life or unexpected situations, as well as numerous anonymous photos found in flea markets… The manager and staff of the Hôtel Design Sorbonne also contributed some photos of their own families, and even the carpet was woven exclusively for the hotel with an original short story about a family.